Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

We went to run a couple of errands this morning...
When we got home we found a SURPRISE.

The box is covered in cute colored eggs.

{Paige is waiting to pounce}

Isn't this the cutest card!  The shipping labels matched... Too cute!

The girls each got their own baskets with Pex, Princess Earrings a name tag!
{Tanner got a gift card to Subway & I got one to MICHAEL'S!}
{If you can't tell, I'm so freakin excited!}

All of those eggs are filled with Candy!
Here is chocolate covered Paige with her new {stick on} earrings.

Thank you Tyson, Jen & Brody.  
We love it and You!

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