Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting Ready

I'll admit, I don't put a TON of effort into my children's 1st B-days...
The day is more for us as parents than the little 1-year-old. 
{They don't really get that the party is for them}

I did do a few things special for Paige's big day, but it was pretty low key.
I made a small paper banner to top her cupcakes.

{cut little triangles}
{sew together}

{tie ends to chopsticks or kabobs}

I made her a birthday hat
{use template found here, I made it a little bigger}

{Add ribbons for the chin strap}

{Cute name plate}

{Made a Pom-Pom out of tulle}

And a number "1" shirt
{remember Paige got this shirt from my roommate}

The cupcakes were just Costco, but they came with little rings on top, which were the party favors. 

We invited all our family in Idaho Falls to come to her party at Leo's Place. 
The kids all had a blast running through the play area.
It was a great way to have a party.

{I didn't have to do the clean up!}


  1. You are AWESOME! I LOVE what you did for her birthday! and I'm so glad you photographed it! I had so much fun with you and your family on saturday. We should get together more often. I'm going to miss you so much! don't leave me!

  2. how freakin cute chelle, i love it! wish we were there. oh and i'm with kate, please DON'T leave, i'll really miss you guys a ridiculous amount.