Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yard Sale Season

Anyone want to come to my yard sale... 
It's for a great cause, FARM CHICKS!
I can't wait!

{I'm sure you can guess what the rest of my house looks like right now}

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Good Time

Easter Sunday was a joy...
We went to Stake Conference then came home and had a simple, yummy lunch.

The lemonade is from Safeway, Yummy.
See my new China!  I got a set of 6 plates at the thrift store for $2.83.
I'm seriously in LOVE with them.  I want to get some really cute glasses now!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We love the SUN

It was finally in the upper 50's today!  We ran around all day long...
We woke up to prizes from the Easter Bunny.
{he knows we have church at 9am tomorrow}

Then to scrub out our car!

Then after a nap we went for Pizza,

A walk around downtown Pullman,

A peek at the Bears,

Stop by the Park,

{we all are going to sleep good!}

Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

We went to run a couple of errands this morning...
When we got home we found a SURPRISE.

The box is covered in cute colored eggs.

{Paige is waiting to pounce}

Isn't this the cutest card!  The shipping labels matched... Too cute!

The girls each got their own baskets with Pex, Princess Earrings a name tag!
{Tanner got a gift card to Subway & I got one to MICHAEL'S!}
{If you can't tell, I'm so freakin excited!}

All of those eggs are filled with Candy!
Here is chocolate covered Paige with her new {stick on} earrings.

Thank you Tyson, Jen & Brody.  
We love it and You!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buying & Selling

A couple of weeks ago I sold Taya's My Little Pony's Castle. 
{I'm trying to get rid of clutter}

When she saw her castle leaving in someone else's hands she began to cry {real tears} 
"I want my castle, I want my pony castle." 

I explained to her that it was going to another little girl who really wanted it and we could now buy some wooden blocks.  
{She's very into building castles & towers lately}

So when we saw these at the thrift store for $3 we had to get them...

Taya is building a train, "chew, chew"

Paige loves to fight Abby for anything, especially sticks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Jennings Photography

Have I told you guys how amazing my friend Kate is?  Well she is...
Here is the proof, look at these gorgeous pictures she took last week for us.
{it's for Tanner's graduation Announcements! Yay}

{This is Moscow!, Beautiful}

Thanks Kate, we LOVE them!

Last April Craft

K, I'm officially all decorated for Easter.  

I found this very cute art  project over at Midwestern Sewing Girl.

Check hers out here.

The frame is the dollar store, painted and glazed.  
The trick to the nests {flowers} is to use thin strips of burlap.  
Wrap and hot glue first couple of rounds then start twisting and gluing... 
It doesn't have to be perfect.

I got the 3 little eggs at Michael's on a branch thing for $1.16.  

{Call me if you need help}

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ready for Easter

We're getting there...


I was wondering through Target over spring break and found several cute Piggy-Banks that I loved.  They were $10, so I thought I could do better.

I found this little guy at the thrift store, $2.

Used left over purple spray paint I had.

Added some vinyl dots,

Painted white

And peeled away the vinyl.  

Taya is in LOVE

{I love how it turned out, but it was quite a bit of work, Paige will get a store bought one!}

Friday, April 15, 2011


Last weekend was General Conference. 
President Monson talked about the importance of have pictures of the temple in you home...
We don't have a single one! 
I've wanted one for a long time, but it's always hard for my to justify spending $30+ on a print I like. 
I went to this website and got a couple for free! 
I printed a Mesa Temple {Tanner & I were Married there} temple and the Los Angeles Temple {Tanner's mission Temple}
I found this cute frame at the thrift store and added a touch of pink spray paint. 
This picture is going in the girl's room. 

{Total $3.76}

This is a frame Tanner had from his college days.  Of course I painted it!
{Total $2.84}
{I don't like how it turned out...}
I painted again,
Apply black then wipe off.

Then I added some dark stain.

I'm still not too happy with it.

Okay, so a light coat of brown then black...

Finally I like it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Colored Green

I found an ADORABLE moss covered letter on the Internet... 
I wanted to recreate it.  
I bought a letter "C" and a bag of moss at Michael's Craft.
This project is very Very easy and quick!

Items needed:
Wooden Letter
1 Bag of Moss {you'll have extra}
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

{I did not paint my letter, but I would suggest going green}

Now Apply glue to a small area and place moss on.  
Start with the "front" of your letter.

Take the moss around the edges and glue it to the sides, by pushing it over the edge.

Add some more moss on the edges

Go around and trim any hanging pieces and add little pieces anywhere there is a hole.  

I used burlap to hang it.  
Now we look like we're welcoming SPRING!

She's Growing Up

It's official Paigee is out of "Baby" phase.  
She now is legitimately walking... 
She's been testing the waters the past 2 months by taking 7 or 8 steps here and there. 
 But not anymore.  She if fully walking EVERYWHERE.

My sweet little Paige can walk and talk, it's such a bitter sweet moment in life.  I love her!
Paige Says; Mama, dada, mi {milk}, hea {here} and she kisses her lips together to call you 
{like we call Abby, our dog}

{I took her milk to have her walk to me... She does not like to have food/drink taken away!}

P.S.  This is my 100th Post! I think I'm officially a BLOGGER.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poor Little Lamb

Taya has had a CRAZY sleeping schedule since Tanner has been out of town. 
 He got home late last night {10pm} and she was waiting
They played with the new car he brought her. 
Then he put her in bed. 

She came in {our room} 3 times crying last night. 
When asked, "What's wrong" she would reply "I'm just sad." 
At 5 this morning I brought her downstairs and turned on good ole Barney
When I came back down at 8 this is what I found. 

Just like daddy, laying right in front of the heater!