Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cleaning Tips

Just a couple random tips from me to you:

1- use this carpet cleaner!
It was rated #1 by consumer reports and I love it!  It does an amazing job

{Bissell Oxy Pro}
Bissell 13A2 14oz Oxy Pro Cleaner

2- Steel wool
Ever have "brownness" on your glass cookware after baking dinner? 
Use steel wool... Takes it right off and doesn't hurt your bake ware.

3- Comet
I love trying new cleaning products, but... 
I haven't found a product I like better for my shower than good old fashion Comet. 
{I'm sure it's not the "healthiest" choice, but it works the best.}

Comet 14 oz Powder Cleanser with Chlorinol for Bleaching
Amazing on toilet bowls too!

4- Microfiber cloths
I love to do my dusting with Microfiber cloths.  They keep all the nasty dirt stuck tight to them. 
You can then through them in the wash and their good as new. 
{Don't add fabric softener or Dryer sheets}
I use them for windows as well, but the do leave streaks. 
Follow with old newspapers and Windex.
RUBBERMAID: Standard Microfiber Cloths, 12 in., Green G4046BLJAG

{Costco sells these in bulk and I think for around $12 a box}

5- Bissell QickSteamer

I bought this on Craigslist a year ago and LOVE it. 
It's not huge and doesn't have a lot of parts. 
Meaning easy to use and easy to clean. 
 Anytime we have a spill on carpets I just bust this little guy out and it does an amazing job. 
{P.S. It doesn't really steam}
Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner, 1770

6- Cucumbers

Place cucumber peels where ever you have unwanted ants, and they won't come back. 
Much safer than sprays or little poison houses.

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