Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shabby Chic Wall Ruffles

I saw this cute idea over at to do with crepe paper and a canvas. 

I used materials I already had around the house. 
I used a frame I bought 2nd hand, it had ugly green fabric on it. 


I got out my trusty staple gun and some left over canvas.

I busted out my NEW sewing machine and some left over burlap from my fabric pile. 


Use your sewing machine to ruffle the fabric strips and hot glue on!

Craft fair 4

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recycled book rosettes

These are my new Favorites
I simply took 3 pages out of an old book, drew a spiral circle, cut it out, wrapped them around and ended up with this!
(There are 3 glued together)


Add to any decor project or on top of a present and it looks Picture Perfect!


Left overs

We  cut down our cute little Christmas Tree and had a few left over branches after trimming it. 



I decided to make a couple of swags and a little wreath. (the wreath is from the dollar store)
Wrap with wire, add a bow and DONE!

Craft fair 10

I had a couple of extra pine cones I decided to wire into the wreath as well.

Look what a Mess my kitchen was in.  Tanner got a nice smelling surprise when he got home.


Little Shabby Chic MakeOvers

Here are a couple items I found and gave a little twist too.  I sold each at the McDondald Elementary craft fair, I would have been okay with not selling either.  (I secretly wanted to keep each one!)

Here is a 70's styled brown, plastic, clock.

A little paint


Sand the edges and done!


Sorry, neither are great pictures, but it did turn out way cute.
Craft fair 5

Here are just a few pieces of glass I had laying around. 
A couple light coats of "Looking Glass" paint, and some Windex, you get a cut Mercury glass effect.


Craft fair 11

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My new thing

I was a vendor in my first craft fair!  I was crafting for a week straight. 
(items I sold will be displayed shortly.)

Now with all these ideas swimming around in my head, here is my new Etsy Shop creation. 
You can check out everything HERE.  These are a few of my favorites. 


Isn't this Bird way cute!

This reminds me of The Hunger Games.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Taya has now seen Santa TWICE! 
 She's in love with the whole holiday season.  She loves the lights, ornaments, yummy food, and of course SANTA. We went to the Christmas Parade here in Moscow.  When she saw Santa, riding in the back of a new pick-up, she yelled, "Anta, there's anta, I hab a go see him." 
I had to explain we couldn't just run into the street, but she could wave. 




The next evening was our ward Christmas party, guess who showed up...
None other than the beloved Santa!  Taya was so excited when he came through the door, she yelled "Santa"  and took off running for him..
After giving him a huge hug he gave her a bag of cookies.  Later she got the chance to sit on his lap and tell him everything she want's under the tree.
  "Draj-on, pickup and Ariel."  (The dragon, Toothless and his friend Hickup from "How to Train Your Dragon."  I'm sure her wish list will change 20 times more before Christmas gets here!


She's so in love...


Paige was a little confused.



Family Night

Once a week we try our hardest to have "Family Home Evening." 
Which is family night.  We try to plan a simple activity, one Taya can do, sing some songs, eat something yummy and read a scripture. 
Tanner had the idea to get this activity at Michael's for only $0.70 each. 



Santa- Tanner',s Penguin-Taya's, House-Mine, Snowman- Paige's

Taya LOVES them. 
Whenever anyone comes over Taya is sure to point out the "noman," "anta", "guin", and "mama's house." 


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Christmas

I love the Christmas season! 
It's such a fun family time. 
The day after Thanksgiving we went and cut down our traditional family Christmas tree. 
Typically everyone gets out and we walk around until we find the "perfect" tree.  We take pictures and cut it down.  Then bring it home and have a day of decorating.  However, this year was very different.  It was FREEZING.  Seriously.  The wind chill was around -4 degrees.  We drove out, found a spot that looked hopeful, Tanner and I jumped out, ran around looking from tree to tree, I picked one and he cut it.  We (meaning just Tanner) roped it to the top of the Jeep and headed home.  It was way too cold to get the girls out.  Taya absolutely loved helping decorate. 
She loves all the lights and "oments".  Here is a little reminder of our trees in years past.

2008 Christmas in Moscow


2009 Christmas in Moscow
(trying to find the picture...)

This year's tree, 2010...



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm very grateful for the wonderful blessing I have in my life. I love and appreciate my hard working husband.  I know he sacrifices a lot for us girls and we love him for it.  I'm so grateful for my two beautiful, smart, sweet little girls.  The are absolutely precious to me.  I'm very thankful that we have this opportunity for Tanner to be attending graduate school now while our family is young.  I know Tanner and I are very thankful for our support from friends and especially our families.  Our parents continue to be such a comfort and help anytime we need them. 
 I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. 


I was able to take one picture of our Thanksgiving dinner before my camera died.  We stayed snuggled inside where it was warm and ate; ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls, my special corn muffin stuffing and of course Tanner's favorite beverage, Martinelli's.  Dessert was a spread of store bought yummies...

Let it SNOW

This week was Thanksgiving Week.
We had planned to drive to Portland and spend the holiday with Tanner's sister, Amy,and her family.  However, it snowed...
Not just snowed, but SNOWED! 
Here was Monday morning when we woke up.


Now Tuesday morning!
We searched the whole town of Moscow for an affordable girls snow suit, we found nothing.  We ended going to Wal-mart in Pullman, where we got this green and black one. 
(It's suppose to be a boys, but the girls suits were super ugly so boy suit it is)
Tanner and Taya went sledding, or as Taya says it, "sliding."


Next it was to the backyard for snow angels
Abby loves jumping around in it!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tis' the Season

Yay for VINYL!
My machine is up and running well.  I've been cutting like crazy these last few days.  Most are for a church Super Saturday, but a couple are for me and gifts to others...
Here are a few of my projects. 







This one's my favorite...
I've been looking for a cute craft to use these glass door knobs for.
Look next month for the CUSTOM STOCKINGS!



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Girls

Poor, poor Tanner... He's stuck with all of us girls. 
There's me, the wife, Taya the 2-year-old, Paige the 7-month-old and Abby our 1 year-old puppy.  Us girls make the best of it.  We love to get all dolled up and we love to decorate.  Especially with anything feminine and girly. 
I found these cute little letters ate Michael's for only $2.50. 


I broke apart the letters I needed.


Sewed together with brown string.


I put it on  the girls ugly brown door. 
Hey I'm working with what I have! 
 Can't change the door, so might as well put something cute on it, right?

It was a quick project while the girls were sleeping.