Saturday, January 29, 2011


Taya is currently experiencing the Terrible 2's. 
Needless to say we don't get out much
However, tonight was a Miracle! 
We went out as a family for 3 hours with no meltdowns, tantrums or fits
It was amazing to go and have fun together. 
We went out to eat at Qdoba, (Tanner's favorite activity) then we walked the mall, tried out the hurricane simulator and played at the Arcade.  Taya got some "Awesome" prizes. 

This picture is a lot to take in, but I had so much fun taking pictures tonight I had to include them all!

Family Night

Friday, January 28, 2011

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For those of you who closely know me, I'm terrified of BIRDS
 It all stems back to an incident I had locked in a house with an angry bird. 
All the same, I sincerely don't like the flying things. 
However, I do like "bird inspired" decor.  When I was prego with Paige I got way into the whole bird thing.  She had several items (burp rags, car seat cover...) which showcased birds. 
 I went to Farm Chicks last June and picked up 2 cute bird cages. 
The third I found at Ross and spray painted a creamy white.  They all hang over Paige's crib. 


Isn't this glitter bird cute.  I found it for a couple of bucks at Michael's.

I've had this twine around forever, and I keep finding uses for it.
  Best $2 I've spent at an Estate sale.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak peek...

Here is a peek of my current project. 
Look for the finished product next month!


I made a blanket

I started knitting a blanket in the fall.  I finished this the beginning of December, but I kept forgetting to take a picture.  So here it is.  I loved using this yarn.  Lion Brand, Wool Ease is Fishermen.  

1/2 way done.  I like to use circular needles for big projects like this. 
Takes the weight off of your wrists.


It's very thick, soft and plush!  This throw looks perfect on our couch.  Perfect for winter cuddling! 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22, 1983

What a BIG day that was. 
Our beloved daddy and husband was born! 
We're so grateful to have him.  He is a hard worker and loves us all so much.  Tanner had to go in to school this morning, darn that law school....
We (us girls) ran to the store to pick up some BIRTHDAY ESSENTIALS
We came home and got straight to work. 
 Taya wanted to have a party with balloons, cup cakes and presents. 


Taya has loved helping bake the last few days.  I of course let her help make daddy's birthday treats. 
She loves to add in all the ingredients. 


Taya running the hand mixer was quite a messy adventure.


And who doesn't LOVE to clean up, right?


Her favorite part was Decorating! 
We made confetti cupcakes with frosting (daddy's favorite) with M&M's on top (again daddy's favorite).

We had Hamburgers and Hot dogs, Tanner's FAVORITE meal, for dinner.

Then Tanner got to open his presents.  The balloon was specially picked out by Taya.  Tanner got a new Camel back Bladder, a bow hunting magazine, The Little Rascals movie, and some Lindor chocolates.

He also received some $$$ from his parents and Grandpa Crowther.

Taya loves to help anyone open presents. 

Here is Tanner's Cupcake Cake all finished.  I definitely won't try to make deserts for a living!

Hope you wished for a wife and 2 beautiful daughters, cause that's what you got! 
Year 28 is going to be AMAZING! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hugging Day

Fancy Nancy says today is "Hugging Day"
So give someone you love a hug!

Fancy Nancy books

Paigee Loves to give hugs. 
We love your hugs Paigee!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making a little Desert

Today we didn't go anywhere. 
We've been running around the past couple of days, and Paige has been kinda cranky.  Today was a nice down day.  I've had this Almond Roca butter bar thing hanging around in my pantry for weeks.  Taya and I whipped some up together.  She LOVED helping me.  It was a little messy though. 
 30 Minutes later they were finished but she doesn't like them.   





Paige played in the flour that fell on the floor.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Story Time

We finally made it to Story Time at the local Library
We've been trying to make it for months! 
Haha, well we got there on time and met up with Taya's best friend William. 
On the down side Taya is going through the definite TERRIBLE 2's.  She of course was roaming around and saying, "stop it mama."  When she should have been sitting quietly listening to the story. 
So we checked out a few books and left early. 



This is probably Taya's favorite place at the Library, the Fish

Paige was a peach!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seeing RED...

Ever want to see me as a Red Head???  Here's your chance. 
Tanner and I have decided to be ultra frugal this year.  And so far up to January 16th we're doing really good!  We both L-O-V-E to spend money.  So in my attempt to save and not spend I decided to put off my normal trip to the hair salon and buy a Wal-mart special color in a box
Big mistake! 
 I guess the color did say "Medium Golden Blonde." 



And boy was it golden.  Tanner said in the light it didn't look so bad.  These pictures it's kinda washed out, but trust me I looked like straws of copper!  Luckily Tanner okay-ed me spending a little more and going to the local Beauty School to have some weaving done. 
A few highlights and low lights later, I feel much more comfortable.


Friday, January 14, 2011

The Calendar Said So

Every year I buy a new calendar, in the attempt to keep myself organized. Haha
This year Taya was determined to pick out the calendar.  I personally liked the Mary Engelbreit one, but Taya really wanted the new "Alice In Wonderland" movie calendar(She's so in LOVE with this movie right now.) 
 So we made a compromise. 
 We both love her.


In this fun little calendar she (Jane O'Connor) has special days written in.  I don't know if they are nationally recognized days or just special days she wanted to include. 
 Today January 14, 2011 it says, "Dress up your pet".

So we did.  Abby got a good brushing and a new little hair bow. 


We are puppy sitting this week, so naturally we dressed up our friend Phoebe
What can you expect from a house full of girls!  Sorry Cierra...


Abby actually got this sweater from Santa. 
Too bad the cute thing is too little!  We'll hopefully send it home with Phoebe. 

And this is what we all still look like... We need to go dress ourselves up now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little sewing

We had a wonderful day...
We got out for a little bit this morning to have lunch with friends, then we came home for Taya and Paige's nap times! 
I had some quite time so I decided to make some burp rags.  These are my favorites, they're just cloth diapers with a cute fabric panel. 
These are all gifts for friends having babies in the next couple of months.



Paige is 9 Months

January 9th Paige turned 9 months.  Each month I like to take a picture of Paige to see her grow.  It's amazing how much they change in one Year!  She now weighs 25lbs! Crazy


Anytime Taya sees the camera come out, she thinks she needs to be in the view finder.

I think she wished she wouldn't have crashed this photo shoot.

Snow Day

Yesterday we woke up to SNOW
We (the girls and I) decided to stay in our P.J's and have a relaxing day.  I did some palates, Paige played with everything in the toy box, and Taya got to make her own personalized princess crown.  She loved it! (she also made a Cowboy Hat)