Sunday, February 12, 2012

Check it Out!

I've been dying to tell everyone about my NEW BLOG!  
My sister-in-law started working on this new adventure with me a couple of weeks ago and now it's done.  There will be more surprises to come so jump over to the new place, become a follower and wait for the mAgic to happen.  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Caution: A long Story

So we moved. 
Tanner finished sitting for the bar the end of July.  We couldn't hang around so we quickly began to pack up... Or so we thought. 

It was a LONG weekend.
We had reserved our U-Haul online for a 17' truck... However, they called us the day before to inform us they did not have a truck for us in Moscow. 
We could drive the 120 miles round trip to pick up a truck that was 14'.

No thank you!

I told the guy we would wait for something to be turned in.  Tanner naturally started to panic and said I needed to call him back and reserve that truck for us.  So I did, and we drove down and picked it and the car dolly up. 
Well, our stuff didn't fit.  With lots of debating, sweet and thirst we ended up leaving a PILE of stuff by the trash dumpster.  We're talking a bike trailer/ stroller, wicker baskets, media center, Leather couch, foot spa, cleaning products, totes... the list was pretty sad. 

At 9pm we finally drove out of town, Tanner in the U-Haul pulling the jeep {PACKED with stuff} and I had the 2 girls and our dog in the car.  Our plan to stay the night in Coeur d' alene. 
When we pulled into town I was very ready for bed...
However, there were no openings at ANY of the hotels there. 
So we kept driving.  Every town we went through we looked for a room, with NO luck.  Finally when we got to Missoula we called 5 different places and found a room.  We all were so tired by the time we finally got into bed.  The next day was good we were able to drive the rest of the way to Rexburg and get ready to start unpacking. 

I wish that was all the troubling news about this move. 
But it's not... While Tanner and I were trying to figure out which pieces to keep and trash Taya decided her hair was "in her face." 
So she happily found the scissors and gave it a nice cut. 
Thankfully it wasn't bad.  She simply feathered her hair out.  But it made it look very thin. 

Both girls really needed hair cut.

My cousin is an Awesome stylist!

All the wispy pieces are Taya's handy work.
It's cute though.

Paigee was very due for a cut as well. 

Such a clean sweet look.

I never want to move again...

A yucky mess

Being renters we don't want to put any money into the places we live, but we want them to be nice. 
With a $12 box of individual stick linolium tiles I was able to
drastically transform the the cabinet under the sink. 

There was sever mold damage under the sink.  I didn't want to pull out the drywall and replace, so I treated it with a clorox mixture.  It has to dry out completely before you can cover it... There has to be NO moisture left.  I finished the base and then used liquid nails to attach the tiles to the drywall backing. 

Framing it Up

It's official... Tanner received his diploma in the mail. 
Naturally we had to frame it. 
We wanted something that went well with the colors on the piece.

We found this frame.

Great deep brown with gold tones in it.  Just needed a bit more gold.

A little taping and painting...

Then I added a black mat.
Yay for Tanner!

Playing Dressup

Just 1 of Taya's YardSale finds! 
She LOVES to go out early and get all the goodies.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Just a recap of our wonderful 4th of July this year...

The girls and I got decked out in our red, white and blue,
then we all went to get donuts and fireworks

After lunch we went to play at the aquatic center and had a blast. 
Tanner and I each took turns going down the big slides...

Paige's favorite part was walking around the pool. 

That night after some yummy watermelon and s'mores,
we headed over to Pullman for the fireworks show at the park. 

Taya loved the fireworks, while Paige was only content when Tanner was covering her ears. 

Going to the Circus

Last July we went to the circus while my mom {grandma seasa} was in town. 

 Sadly my blogging has be very neglected, so here it is three months later. 
I've had a lot going on, but we'll get to that later.

Paige LOVED these goats.