Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sew Crafty

In my teenage years I learned many useful skills from my Young Women's Leaders at church.  They taught me how to make fruit jam, sew a quilt, provide service at the local assisted living home and much much more. 
This summer I had the opportunity to visit Nauvoo Illinois with my mom, grandma and my Young Women's Leader (now my mom's Relief Society President.) 
One evening we went looking in a cute fabric shop. 
Of course I didn't buy anything...
However, Lana, my Young Women's Leader, took me in found some fabric I liked and bought me a WHOLE STACK OF FAT QUARTERS! 
Shortly after summer I made this banner for the girls bedroom window. 


I still had a ton a fabric left over. 
While at Kate's house I saw her very cute baby quilt she has made for one of her girls. 
After a tutorial, I decided to make one for each of my girls. 
I cut a TON of squares.


Sewed my front then quilted the entire thing.

I also added a small inscription on the back of each quilt. 
They will always have it noted when they were each given these sweet blankies.


Here is the Finished Product.
Paige's has the blue fabrics.


Taya's has green fabrics. 


Thanks Lana for all the fabric.  My girls received some great Keepsakes!

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  1. so awesome. you are seriously so amazing and talented. what a fun thing for the girls to have and i love the you added the date too. so sweet. i still have my baby blanket that my grandma gave me and i love it. it's defintely something the girls with totally cherish from you. your so great!