Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organizing/ Cleaning Continues

I've taking a lot of ideas for this 21 day mission from A Bowl Full of Lemons
However, some of her items don't apply to me. For example, laundry room, sadly I don't have one
On those times I switch it out for something I have and know I need to organize. 

Tuesday- Clean out Vanity Drawers
This is something I've been meaning to do for a very, very long time. Just haven't seemed to get around to it.  I L-O-V-E this cute little vanity.  However, not so much the colors and pulls.  Someday, maybe this summer, I hope to paint and re-do it.  But for now a good scrub down and reorganizing will do. 
It was pretty bad before.  When I clean our bed room, I typically just walk past this poor thing. 


I found these white containers at the local Thrift store. 
Can you believe the 3 little ones are Crate & Barrel?! Only 71cents each. 


This way cute vinyl shelf liner is from Michael's Craft. 
It was in there bargain section.  $2 a roll. 
One roll was more than enough to do these 4 drawers. 


After is much better. 
 I didn't worry to much about placing every little thing in a specific place, because lets face it, it won't stay that way.  I have to make it functional

Vanity Drawers


Doesn't that paper make the drawers look much better!

Wednesday- Computer Desk

The computer Desk was relatively simple. 
It was our old dinning table turned, vinyl work station.
  I primarily use it to hold my vinyl cutter and a few office supplies I use on a regular basis. 
It was pretty cluttered and needed to be cleaned.


I polished it and rearranged a couple of things.  However, I'm NOT loving this arrangement. 
I'm very, very open to any and all suggestions. 
I need the vinyl cutter to stay on top, Paige can't get to it up here. 
 I also love to keep my Laptop here, but everything else is negotiable. 
{please leave a comment with suggestions} 



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