Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cleaning Day

I've tried all kinds of cleaning schedules and can't find what works for me.  Growing up my mom (who taught grade school full time) always had Saturday as cleaning day. 
I've tried to pick one room a day... Doesn't work. 
 I have that room hanging over me all day and feel like I'm pushing aside something else to squeeze in a poor job of cleaning.  Now for the last couple of months I've been cleaning all day Monday. 
 However, I work hard all morning, then by the girls nap time I'm exhausted and ready for a nap. 
But I've only cleaned one, maybe 2 rooms. 

This Monday I set my mind to it!  I was going to start in the hall and work, work, work.  My whole house (very small apartment) was going to be cleaned by 1pm.  I cleaned up the hall and swept. 
While getting ready to mop, Paige started crying. 
 I came around the corner to see Taya chasing her with the broom. 
 I put Paige in her high chair with snacks then got Taya some food to distract her.  Half way through scrubbing the floor Paige was screaming!  I came in the front room to find Paige irate simple because she could not see me down the hall and Taya covered in her drink.  The floor was also soaked.  When I asked Taya what was on the floor she replied, "Abby (our dog) did it."



This is when I took a huge breathe and realized THIS is why it's so hard to be committed to cleaning and stay motivated all day.  Needless to say, I did not get my house cleaned. 
I'm taking the 21 day organizing challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons, and did accomplish my task for the day, the pantryI also squeezed in my baking cupboard
Here are my sad and pathetic before pictures. 



I found a couple of these containers at Salvation Army. 
The glass bottles are the containers to the Safeway Lemonade we are all in love with.


I added some vinyl, of course.


It turned out pretty well.  This pantry would be so much better if I added 4 shelves, but we're moving in July so it seems kind of like a waste to me at this point.  I'll just work with what I've got.



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  1. Wow! michelle! This looks soooo good! Great job!~