Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seeing RED...

Ever want to see me as a Red Head???  Here's your chance. 
Tanner and I have decided to be ultra frugal this year.  And so far up to January 16th we're doing really good!  We both L-O-V-E to spend money.  So in my attempt to save and not spend I decided to put off my normal trip to the hair salon and buy a Wal-mart special color in a box
Big mistake! 
 I guess the color did say "Medium Golden Blonde." 



And boy was it golden.  Tanner said in the light it didn't look so bad.  These pictures it's kinda washed out, but trust me I looked like straws of copper!  Luckily Tanner okay-ed me spending a little more and going to the local Beauty School to have some weaving done. 
A few highlights and low lights later, I feel much more comfortable.



  1. Girl, you are so gorgeous no matter what! Your hair is beautiful!

  2. totally agree with your friend kate! you are hilarious! i think it looks so good!! :)