Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For those of you who closely know me, I'm terrified of BIRDS
 It all stems back to an incident I had locked in a house with an angry bird. 
All the same, I sincerely don't like the flying things. 
However, I do like "bird inspired" decor.  When I was prego with Paige I got way into the whole bird thing.  She had several items (burp rags, car seat cover...) which showcased birds. 
 I went to Farm Chicks last June and picked up 2 cute bird cages. 
The third I found at Ross and spray painted a creamy white.  They all hang over Paige's crib. 


Isn't this glitter bird cute.  I found it for a couple of bucks at Michael's.

I've had this twine around forever, and I keep finding uses for it.
  Best $2 I've spent at an Estate sale.


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  1. adorable michelle! and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!~ great job!