Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poor Poor Taya

Do you have those times/ days that you are just irritated with you children? 
You still love and adore them, but could really use a 5 minute walk all by yourself...
Well today was not one of those days.  It was a day that I just loved my girls so much I thought the might have bruises from all the kisses I couldn't stop giving them.  They were just extra cute and cuddly today.
My sweet Taya is sick.  She actually sat on the couch and watch all of "Toy Story 3" with us.  That seemed like a miracle, but as the night progressed, so did her cough and the rough voice.  As soon as the movie finished, she shut the TV off and said, "It all ober mommy."  Then took herself to bed.
All she wants is someone to cuddle her, "chochet nilp" (chocolate milk)  and of course her "tanty". (blanky)
What a sweet thing.  We love her.


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  1. aww, poor taya. she's sick again, sorry michelle. i'm so glad you had one of those "can't stop kissing you" days because you need those every once in a while.