Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Girls

Poor, poor Tanner... He's stuck with all of us girls. 
There's me, the wife, Taya the 2-year-old, Paige the 7-month-old and Abby our 1 year-old puppy.  Us girls make the best of it.  We love to get all dolled up and we love to decorate.  Especially with anything feminine and girly. 
I found these cute little letters ate Michael's for only $2.50. 


I broke apart the letters I needed.


Sewed together with brown string.


I put it on  the girls ugly brown door. 
Hey I'm working with what I have! 
 Can't change the door, so might as well put something cute on it, right?

It was a quick project while the girls were sleeping. 

1 comment:

  1. i love it. i saw it when we were over yesterday and forgot to tell you how cute it was. way to be productive when they're sleeping.