Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smells Like Pickles

We'll we got home last night around 8pm.  The 8 1/2 hour drive really wasn't bad.
{thank goodness for portable DVD players}
When we got home, I was feeling ambitious to bring everything in and unpack all before baths and bed time!
-- Too bad the universe had other plans.

I sent Tanner to go get up some Papa Murphy's.
{the easy dinner}

Taya decided she was hungry NOW. 
While attempting to get out yogurt and pickles she dropped the pickles on the floor shattering the jar. 

-Change of plans...
I stopped unpacking, put Paige in her high chair with snack and Taya in her seat with the yogurt she successfully got out. 

Then I went to clean up duty. 
Unfortunately the juice had gotten under the fridge, so my whole kitchen got a very thorough mopping. 
Then Tanner was back with Pizza, baths for the girls and bed time.

I was exhausted and nothing else got unpacked! 
We went to bed with our house smelling like pickles and pizza.

The good news is were home!

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