Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween this year falls on a Sunday...
So we celebrated early.  On Friday the girls got all dressed up and went Trick-or-Treating to each of the businesses on Main Street.  Then we went to the mall for even more candy. It was fun, we put the girls in the double stroller and walked from store front to store front.  Taya would say "Trick or treat," everyone oowed and awed over how cute our Dorthy and Cowardly Lion were. 
We left with a VERY VERY full basket of candy. 


How Cute are these girls. 
 I seriously could not stop kissing them. 
 Look at Paigie's perfect chubby cheeks!

Paige Halloween

Saturday night we had a ward primary party here at the apartment community center. 
Then they had trick-or-treating through the complex.
(Abby was so sad she got left home with me to hand out candy.)
And YES that means Taya got to go Trick-or-Treating a total of 3 times!
And here is our sweet little Dorthy with her beloved Toto! 

Halloween Taya and Abby


  1. this is way cute michelle. the first picture is my favorite, they look perfect. i'm so glad to see you blogging, it's about time girl. keep it up.

  2. oh! your girls look so fab! great job on their costumes chell!