Monday, June 13, 2011

Taya's Side of the Story

Taya and I started out Saturday morning with a few yard sales. 
{didn't really get much...} 
Taya did however score 2 brand new Crayola water color sets for $0.75. 
{She LOVES to paint}  
That afternoon while I was doing dishes I let her color on 3 large pieces of paper. 
{I put her on the back patio for this, she gets kinda messy} 
Soon I noticed she was no longer using the brushes, but instead her fingers and toes. 

Inventive right? 
The next time I looked out, she was painting spots on poor Abby. 

That was the last of painting for the day...
I put away the paints and had her wash up. 

I was upstairs cleaning while she watched Netflix. 
Tanner came home and was giving me a full report on the Jeep.
{we had to get new brakes}
We were commenting on how nice and peaceful it was. 
{Paige was napping, Taya watching TV}
It was nice to take a deep breath and soak in the quiet. 
Then we heard those thumping feet coming up the stairs. 
When she walked in I instantly noticed some white paint on her clothes. 
{I had been painting a sign earlier and didn't close the paint can}
Sure that Taya had graciously painted my sign for me, I went down to see the damage...

All coming from my sweet little Taya:
"I was down stairs watching a movie. 
I found some paint on the table and painted a picture on the couch, the window, the wall and the TV. 
Then I went upstairs to see what my Mommy and Daddy were doing."


Honestly, I was glad Tanner was home to help with the clean up.  We got the majority of it cleaned off.  However out TV does still have some white left in the speaker holes... Any ideas?


  1. whhhhhat!!! it will be funny in a few months but for now.... sorry! :)

  2. OH NO! What a mess! Maybe use a toothbrush to get it out of the speakers? I don't know!

  3. HOLY FREAKIN COW!! That mischievous Taya