Thursday, June 2, 2011


Where have I been? 
Cooped up with my two girls.  Seriously it's only broke 75 degrees maybe 4 days in the year 2011. 
I'm starting to get cabin fever. 

Someone needs to take my computer away...
I'm obsessed with Pinterest
It's my new found love, thanks Kate. 

Damnit.  SO true.

When I'm not pinning something I'm playing "craigslist" stalker...
I'm looking for a place our little family can rent in Rexburg. 
{Know of a house for rent, PLEASE let me know}
I don't want to live here...


Slight excitement...
Farm Chicks is in just 38 hours! 
However, we're currently saving every dime for our "move" in August.
It's hard to get overly excited about an event like this if you have NO money to spend.

I do love a surprise!
Tanner gave me the green flag to go to Spokane Friday night
and stay with my friends in anticipation for the big show!
{I'm planning a trip buy Target while I'm there, gotta get my fix}
Tonight he told me he wants me to take our Jeep Cherokee, not the Toyota Camry... What!?
The Camry gets way better gas mileage and where I've only got a few small bills to spend I won't need the cargo room.

He told me going to Farm Chicks without $$ is like going fishing without a pole. 
Taking pictures of all the places you want to "fish" just isn't as excited as "catching" that fish.  He so graciously shared some of his graduation MONEY with me!  Silly little moments like that remind me that I'm very loved.
{P.S. Tanner I know you never read my blog, but know I LOVE YOU!}

I'm so excited right now, I feel like pulling a Taya moment...
{Running from front door, to the back door, and back again yelling, just because I'm so excited}

I'll post pictures next week!

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