Friday, May 6, 2011

A Banner

Here is the banner I made for Tanner's grad party.  
They're really simple to make... 
Just in case you've never made one, I've included my instructions.  

Fabric {I used 1 yard}
Bias Tape {the length you want your banner}
Sewing machine
Iron & Board
Triangle {I made mine}
Rotary cutter/ scissors

Make a template!
I used a cereal box and simple drew a triangle on it.  
Make sure you make it 1/2" bigger than you want. {allowance for seams}

Sew {2 sides, don't do the top} right sides together and turn out.  
Use scissor tip to push out.

Press with steam

Space triangles and sew in middle of bias tape

You have a cute banner!

Cost around $10 unless you use fabric you have laying around!

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